Cooking Bay Scallops

When you are ready for cooking bay scallops, you need to realize there are two different kinds of scallops. One variety is known as bay scallops. The other type of scallop is the sea scallop, which is much larger than its counterpart.

What To Expect From Bay Scallops
When preparing to cook bay scallops, keep in mind that there are usually 50 to 90 scallops in one pound. Bay scallops generally hail from the bays of New England to the Gulf of Mexico. Bay scallops are both healthy and delicious.

Bay scallops generally resemble small, pinkish-white blobs. If you give them the chance, you will most likely become hooked on them. Bay scallops are extremely tender, and the sweet meat cooks quickly. They are mild-flavored and combine easily into most menus with other entrees.

Cooking Techniques For Scallops
Cooking bay scallops is a fairly easy task. However, you need to be aware of this: Sometimes fresh bay scallops release a lot of liquid and get tough. In order to keep them from getting tough, you must cook the scallops only briefly. Some people actually prefer them raw in the center. You can sprinkle on salt and pepper, throw them in a very hot pan, sauté them for 30 seconds and add a topping of lemon juice. Like magic, that is it! They are ready to eat. Garlic and onion flavors also pair well with bay scallops.

If you want to get a little fancier when cooking bay scallops, you might drag them through some seasoned flour or breadcrumbs. The only problem with this is when they release moisture they have the propensity to get gluey.

In addition to maintaining a short cooking time, another way of dealing with this release of water is to lay the scallops on several sheets of paper towels and thoroughly dry the bay scallops before cooking them. If you have high-quality scallops, this one preventative measure should take care of any issues with moisture.

A Warning About Scallops
The process of selecting the scallops is more important than how you prepare them. If the scallops, whether fresh or frozen, are treated with phosphates, they will cook up in a watery state no matter what you do to them. The phosphate actually causes the scallops to absorb water so they will look plumper and heavier when you purchase them. In actuality, the water will all be released once you cook them. Beware of this fishy tactic when you are selecting your bay scallops, and choose them wisely.

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Paying a premium for quality scallops is worth every cent. Buy dry whenever possible and watch for signs of overcooking so you don't wind up with a dish that's tough instead of tender.

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One of the easiest and most delicious ways to prepare scallops is to cook them in a skillet.  Pan-seared scallops are simple to prepare and come out perfect - golden brown on the outside, medium rare on the inside. This technique for cooking scallops preserves the natural flavors and textures while allowing you to create a tasty, complementary sauce.

Bay scallops work well in many recipes, including ceviche and stir-fries. These easy recipes will reveal how much you can do with bay scallops.

Grilled scallops can turn a regular steak dinner into a simple surf and turf entrée or they can stand alone as a lovely seafood main dish.

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