How Long Does It Take to Boil Shrimp

How long does it take to boil shrimp, and why is knowing the answer so important? Boiling shrimp takes only about three minutes, and if you go past that, you might ruin your meal. It is best to boil shrimp in a large pot, and it is often suggested that you boil your shrimp in the kitchen rather than outside. Whoever thought that up never attended a low country boil. If you are having guests for a low country boil, it would be pretty hard to accomplish boiling so much food at once in your kitchen.

Seasoning For The Shrimp Boil
You can find seasoning packets and bottles in your favorite grocery store, and these packets will make boiling tasty shrimp as easy as possible. For every five pounds of shrimp you are boiling, you will need to use, for example, one package of Zatarain's Crab, Shrimp and Crawfish Boil. If you are using the liquid variety, you will need one tablespoon of the concentrated boil and five tablespoons of salt. This will add a flavor that will bring everyone back for seconds and thirds.

A Low Country Boil In Your Kitchen
Remember the low country boil mentioned above? You can do a small-scale version in your kitchen if you have a large stock pot. As long as you have only a few people to feed, this method will work just fine.

Simply season your water, and add potatoes, lemons, onions, corn and whatever else you can think of. Let your veggies boil for around 10 to 20 minutes, or until the potatoes and corn are both fully cooked. Next, add the shrimp, and make certain you let it boil for only three minutes. Drain the water off, and you have all the fixings for a low country boil right there in your kitchen.

Different Ways To Boil Shrimp
There are many ways to enjoy boiled shrimp. After all, since it takes only three minutes to boil the tasty crustaceans, you will definitely not have to invest a lot of time in your new hobby. A good idea, however, is that with each attempt you use only a few shrimp. This is just a precaution. In case you do not care for a particular brainstorm you had, you will not ruin too many shrimp during the experiment. Of course, you may be such a good cook that you will not ruin anything.

You might prefer to boil shrimp without using any kind of seasoning. Still, it is important to add enough salt to the water that it resembles sea water. This will maintain the flavor of the shrimp and make it easier to peel. Regardless of your seasoning preference, cook the shrimp until they turn pink. This indicates that they are sufficiently cooked. Drain the shrimp in a colander. All that is left is to do is eat and enjoy! 

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