Cooking for Two Lunch Recipes

When cooking for two, recipes for lunch almost always include sandwiches. Bread, especially dark bread, is the perfect carbohydrate to keep your body ready for after-lunch events.

But make sure you have enough protein to keep your energy up as well. Add fruit and veggies to round out the meal, or serve a sandwich with a hot bowl of delicious soup.

A special lunch for two is also the perfect reason for using up leftovers. During the holidays, turkey sandwiches are the norm. This year, try adding festive foods that are not normally served, like cranberries, to your sandwich recipes.

Cranberry Club
Ingredients You Will Need:
3 tablespoons Miracle Whip
1 cup turkey, chopped
1 stalk celery, diced
2 tablespoons walnuts, chopped
2 green onions, thinly sliced
2 tablespoons pineapple-flavored cream cheese, softened
4 slices dark bread
2 cranberry sauce slices (thin)

Combine the Miracle Whip with the turkey, celery, walnuts and onions, and set aside. Spread the cream cheese on two slices of bread, and then add a slice of cranberry sauce to each. On the opposite two slices of bread, spread the turkey mixture. Put the two slices of bread together for the perfect sandwich.

Serve with a cup of turkey noodle soup, a sourdough baguette or hunk of French bread and an ice-cold glass of milk.

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The kids are gone, or maybe you just got married. Either way, you are cooking for two, which can be tougher than cooking for a crowd. But you can save money and avoid wasting food with some meal planning tips.

Want to add some romance and elegance to recipes for two? You can't go wrong with breakfast in bed. An elegant breakfast involves presentation as well as taste, so while anything can be stuffed into an omelet, be a smart cook, and use only the best ingredients.

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Whether you're a bachelor having a friend over for dinner or an empty nester who is trying to relearn what life without kids is like, cooking for two can be a challenge. These tips and recipe ideas will make it a whole lot easier.

When cooking dinner for two, recipes for the whole family will still work. Just reduce a favorite recipe, and create half or one-fourth of the original quantity without short-changing yourself on quality. 

Easy recipes for two people can range from sandwiches to lasagna. But, no matter what you decide to serve, it can be created with only two people in mind. Ingredients are easily reduced in a recipe.

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