How To Make Homemade Pork and Beans

Virtually anyone who has grown up in the South of the United States of America has been exposed to an old Southern traditional food called pork and beans. You can find commercial pork and beans in virtually any grocery store, and they are just as tasty today as they were thirty years ago. Pork and beans have been the favorite of campers and hikers for about three generations now, and it is hard to find a family BBQ where pork and beans are not served.

Nevertheless, sometimes you just want to make your own food because you can control the ingredients that go in the recipe. Commercial pork and beans contain preservatives and a ton of salt, so you may want to protect your family. The key to making a good batch of pork and beans all comes down to the pork. There are several different types of pork meat that work well in pork and beans recipes, but pork loin gives the best flavor and control of preservative intake when compared to other ingredients. If you have an urge to make some homemade pork and beans, then you have found a great recipe that your whole family will love.

Homemade Pork and Beans Ingredients

One and one-half pounds of dried Great White Northern beans

One onion

One clove of garlic

Two cans of low salt or salt-free tomato sauce

One pound of pre-cooked pork loin

One cup of preservative-free sweet hickory smoked BBQ sauce

One-half teaspoon of cayenne pepper

Four tablespoons of dark brown sugar

Directions for Making Homemade Pork and Beans

1. Start preparing your dried white beans a day ahead of cook day by soaking them in water for at least 24 hours. Many people seem to have great success in soaking beans for 12 hours, but soaking for 24 results in a softer, plumper bean for the recipe.

2. Shred 3/4ths of your pork loin and cut the remaining 1/4th pound into small cubes.

3. Chop your clove of garlic and onion finely.

4. Place your prepared beans, pork loin, vegetables, tomato sauce, cayenne pepper, dark brown sugar and vegetables in a pot, then cover with water.

5. Cook your homemade pork and beans for at least two hours on medium low to allow the flavors to meld with one another thoroughly. Add water as necessary, being careful not to add too much. You want this mixture to get slightly thick toward the end and might need to add a little corn starch if needed to obtain this consistency.

Usage Tips

1. This recipe for homemade pork and beans works great for virtually any occasion but really stands out at family BBQs or as a side dish for any main course involving beef.

2. Make up a double or triple batch of these homemade pork and beans, and freeze the leftovers for up to 12 months in your freezer.

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