How To Make Hash Browns From Scratch

Hash browns have been used as a breakfast staple for years. Hash browns can be called many different things depending on how they are prepared. In the UK hash browns are commonly known as fried mashed potatoes, but in the United States there are two common hash brown forms, which are shredded and diced into large squares which some might refer to these kinds of hash browns as country fried potatoes or home fries. Any way you look at it hash browns make a great breakfast side dish. There are other things to do with these tasty spuds like make a beautiful breakfast casserole that contains your favorite vegetables and meats inside. Here are some ways to be able to make your own hash browns at home and same a little money on having to buy them in bulk from the store.

What You Will Need

Potatoes: The best potato to get when making hash browns are the Idaho potatoes, but you can choose which ever one that you really like. Each potato brand has its own shelf life and also its own original taste, so do some searching around and find the one that best fits your tastes. Some people can use sweet potatoes if they want a sweeter taste to their breakfast dish.

Butter: This is something that you have to have for hash browns and cannot be substituted with cooking spray. Things like PAM will only leave your hash browns dry and burnt and no one wants that.

Nonstick skillet: It is preferable to have a nonstick skillet, because even though you will have butter in the pan that does not mean that things will not still stick. Hash browns can only cook so long in one spot before they will burn.

Cheese grater: This will help you shred all your potatoes into fine strings like you would find in the store.

How To Prepare Shredded Hash Browns
The first thing that you want to do is take out as many potatoes as you are going to use out of the bag and wash them extremely well, as they still have dirt on them. It is important to very hot water so that you make sure that you kill whatever bacteria are on it. Then you want to start peeling all the potatoes that you are going to use. make sure to have a bowl of cold water sitting out this helps to keep the potatoes from turning a brownish red color after the potatoes are peel and you want to just pop each peeled potato into the water when you are done with it. Once the potato peeling is done get out the cheese grater and start shredding the potatoes. You want to make sure that you tap the grater down on the cutting board or whatever you are shredding the potatoes, since potatoes are wet then tend to clog up the little holes if you do not do this, so it is important if you want come out with something other the mush. Once all the potatoes are shredded, then you can start to heat up the skillet on medium heat. You do not want to cook them on high because this will only end up burning your hash browns quickly so keep it in the medium range. Once the stove has been on for 2-3 minutes then you can spray some Pam onto the skillet and then add a couple pats of butter to the skillet. Spread out the potatoes so that they are not in one clump and then let them sit for about 4-5 minutes, add butter to the top and then turn them over. When you turn them over you want to repeat spreading them out because this will help you hash browns cook evenly. Then you wait another 4-5 minutes and there you have it your hash browns are done. If you would like you hash browns to be a little crunchier you can leave them on each side for additional 3-4 minutes making sure to check them so that they do not burn.

How To Prepare Country Fries Or Home Fries
This method is a little easier than making the typical shredded hash browns. To make these hash browns, you want to make sure to wash the potatoes extremely well in hot water. Then instead of using the cheese grater, you will chop each potato into squares and they you will add them to a baking pan. Once they are all chopped and put into a baking pan, drizzle some extra virgin olive oil over all of the potato and you want to make sure that they are coated well. Then shake some pepper and salt on top. This is to taste so you can put as much or as little as you would like on them. Then you will pop them into the oven at about 420 degrees and let them cook for about 30 minutes making sure to check on them to make sure that they do not burn. There you have it home fries that are perfect to make a breakfast skillet that contains your favorite vegetables and meats.

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