Basic Sausage Making Supplies

Anyone can make sausage. All you need are the basic sausage making supplies, a few pounds of ground pork, a few more pounds of ground beef and a handful of spices. After you've made sausage a few times you'll start to get the hang of how many spices work best in your own personal sausage recipes.

Sausage Making Equipment
Equipment varies and should be purchased in accordance with how much sausage you plan on making. It makes little sense to pick up a commercial or electric meat grinder if you plan on making only a few links of sausage once or twice a year. However, if you plan on turning sausage making into a hobby, get the best equipment. Sausage making machines and other essential equipment will not only make the job easier, but it will also take less time and clean up will be a snap.

In addition to an electric meat grinder and a sausage-making machine, you will need plenty of space and a second set of hands. Working with a partner allows for one person to man the grinder and one person to man the casings as the sausage is made.

Sausage Making Supplies
Though casings can be obtained in both the natural form and in tubes, it's best to use natural casings from sheep or hogs. To ensure the casings have been cleaned properly, do not make your own. Instead, order the casings from the butcher shop.

Fresh spices are what give the sausage the pungent, flavorful aromas and taste. While the spices do not have to be fresh-from-the-garden, if you purchase powdered or ground spices, make sure they have not exceeded their expiration date.

When it comes to choosing meat for your sausage, keep in mind that some meats are too lean to stand alone. Venison is one such meat. Without the addition of some type of fatty meat, the sausage will be too dry, and the taste and texture will be compromised.

Before you have gathered the ingredients for sausage, make sure you have several large bins for mixing the meat and spices. Order casings ahead of time, and make sure your equipment is in good running order. The last thing you want is to have 30 pounds of sausage meat ready to go when you remember the meat grinder is out of commission.

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