The Best Roasted Vegetables Recipe

The best roasted vegetables recipe is as simple as tossing fresh-from-the-garden veggies onto the grill and roasting them. However, we can't forget the fresh spices and homemade butter.

Recipe for Roasted Vegetables
Ingredients You Will Need:
6 ears of corn, leaves intact
2 cups sweet peas in the pod
1 red pepper
1 yellow pepper
1 cup sliced mushrooms
2 cups lobster meat
Sea salt
Ground Pepper
2 cups new potatoes
¼ cup chives
Freshly made butter

For this meal, you will use two foil packets. One foil packet will include potatoes, and the other foil packet will include the remaining vegetables and lobster. You will need to grill the corn on the cob separately.

Remove the silk and the two top leaves from the corn on the cob. Place the corn into a bucket of water, and let some of the water soak in behind the remaining leaves. Set aside.

To make a roasting packet out of foil for the vegetables, you will need four equal pieces of foil for each packet. One packet will be large enough to hold the peas, red and yellow peppers, mushrooms and lobster meat, while the other will hold the potatoes and chives.

Chop the vegetables, and lay them onto the foil. Add the lobster meat, and sprinkle with sea salt and ground pepper. Then take the second two layers of foil, and place them over the top, crimping the edges and folding over several times so that it doesn't leak.

Make a second foil packet, and place the washed, and cubed new potatoes on it. Add the chives, and sprinkle with sea salt. Place both foil packets on the grill. Pull the corn from the bucket of water, and shake to remove excess water, and then place the corn on the second grill, or wait to grill until the other vegetables are finished.

Take turns manning the grill, while at the same time making butter.

Making Butter
As the vegetables roast, pass out small lidded jars and a gallon of milk so that each of your guests can make their own homemade creamery butter. Just pour about ½ cup of milk into each jar, and about ¼ teaspoon of salt, replace the cap and start shaking. In about 15 minutes-about the time the vegetables will be done-everyone will have made butter for their own meal.

When the milk starts turning to butter, it will begin to harden. When the hardening butter begins to express water-this is actually buttermilk-pour the buttermilk out, and continue shaking. Once all of the buttermilk has been removed, delicious, creamy butter will remain, and guests can use it for dipping their veggies and the lobster.

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