The Best Side Dishes for Roast Beef

Some of the best side dishes for roast beef are the easiest to make. To allow the roast beef to stand out, you want to serve a simple lettuce salad and perhaps mashed potatoes and gravy with steamed vegetables. Simple flavors will complement the roast.

Side Dishes for Roast Beef
Potatoes: Never waste the excellent drippings from the roast, and make gravy or sauce. When making gravy, you can't go wrong with mushrooms and caramelized mushrooms. Just sauté them in the beef roast drippings, and add a little bit of cornstarch for thickening. Of course, if you're serving gravy, you'll want to serve mashed potatoes.

Beef roasts always go well with potatoes: baked potatoes, mashed potatoes, garlic potatoes, sweet potatoes or cheesy potatoes. Do not assume all potatoes will work, however. Any type of fried potatoes should be avoided.

Vegetables: Check the meat cooking times to make sure the vegetables will be done at the same time as the meat. Once you have a timeframe on the roast, get started on the vegetables.

Vegetables can be of the cheesy variety, but steamed veggies or vegetables that have been boiled in with the roast are the perfect choice. If making vegetables separately, steam them, and sprinkle a few herbs on top to enhance the taste. Corn on the cob is perfect, especially if the roast is being made on the grill. Just grill the corn on the cob in their husks. Add a few roasted vegetables such as green peppers filled with sweet peas and wrapped in foil, or grilled zucchini and summer squash slices with a slice of mozzarella slipped between them. If filling bell peppers and roasting them, use the tri-colored peppers and fill them with sweet peas or rice. Asparagus with Hollandaise sauce is also excellent.

Rice: Rice is another good companion for roast beef. Try long grain and wild rice with added frozen peas or pearl onions. Or, make a simple brown rice recipe and serve it with cheesy broccoli.

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