How to Make Vinegar: Herbal Vinegar

It's not difficult to learn how to make vinegar. Once you have perfected your personal recipe for herbal vinegar, begin experimenting with different base vinegars like cider or wine vinegar.  Vary the amounts and types of herbs.  The results will be a culinary creation unlike anything store bought.

When making homemade vinegar, make sure you make a large batch so you can keep a few bottles on hand for a last minute hostess gift, a personal touch to a gift basket or a welcome addition to the dinner table.

Ingredients You Will Need:
1 quart distilled white vinegar
1 to 2 cups of fresh herb depending on the intensity of the herb and flavor you prefer

Place the fresh herb into a large jar. 

Choose a jar with a lid that is non-metallic as the vinegar will corrode it. Use a bottle with a cork or plastic cap.  If you must use a metal lid, put a piece of wax paper in between the lid and the mouth of the jar.

Bring the vinegar to a boil.  Pour over the fresh herb.  Place on cap and store in a cool, dark place for one month.  Shake gently every so often.

Strain the liquid into a new, clean jar.  Use a cloth or coffee filter to finely strain.

Drop in a fresh herb and store at room temperature.

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When you decide to make homemade vinegar, you first need to either purchase or make mother, a stringy, gelatin-like substance that is nothing more than bacteria and yeast cells. Mother can be created with any liquid that has sugar or starch in it.

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Herbal vinegars are a culinary delight. They can be used to cook or drizzled straight out of the bottle as a healthy alternative to salad dressing, and they make wonderful homespun gifts.

Vinegar was a great accident. It's been around for as long as there has been fermented beverages, such as wine, beer, champagne and sake. The French named it, as "vin" means "wine" and "aigre" means "sour."

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