Cooking for a Vegan Diet

In a vegan diet, it's the vegetables, legumes and grains that take center stage. Cooking vegan recipes with these fresh-from-the-earth ingredients is fun, and the end results will not only nourish your body, but they will please your palette as well. When you first make the change to a vegan diet, it can be a challenge to get used to cooking without meat, dairy or eggs. But getting started is the hardest part. Once you become accustomed to cooking with fresh, delicious vegan ingredients, you'll never look back.

Ingredients: Many of your favorite old recipes can be adapted to suit your new, healthy vegan diet. Things like pasta dishes and other vegetable-based dishes will probably require very few changes, and may be a good place to start. You can either omit the non-vegan ingredients from the recipe if they're not essential, or you can try a vegan substitute for the animal ingredients.

Using vegetable stock in place of chicken stock, or vegan margarine or oil in place of butter are easy changes that are not likely to alter the taste of the recipe too much. In place of dairy milk, you can try using soy or rice milk. For ingredients such as cheese or meat, there are lots of great vegan cheeses and soy- or grain-based meat substitutes on the market that can help you turn your old recipes into your new favorite vegan recipes.

Inspiration: But how do you take your vegan cooking to the next level, to create really fabulous and memorable meals? The key really great vegan cooking is finding the right inspiration. Many wonderful vegan cookbooks are on the market, and they can inspire you to step outside your comfort zone and try new and exciting flavors and textures that you might not have even considered before. There is also plenty of delicious vegan inspiration to be found all over the Internet. Sites such as and offer great vegan recipes, plus information about following the vegan lifestyle, vegan nutrition tips and more.

The possibilities are endless when it comes to vegan cooking. Don't be afraid to experiment, allowing the fresh flavors of delicious vegan foods to inspire you to create delicious meals that nourish both body and soul.

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