How to Get Rid of a Bladder Infection

Knowing how to get rid of a bladder infection is key if you're prone to these painful, unpleasant medical afflictions. Sexually active women between the ages of 20 and 50 are most likely to develop a bladder infection, but it's good for all women to know what to do. For quick relief, follow these steps:

Drink Water
You've probably heard you should drink cranberry juice, which is fine if you're willing to drink gallons of the stuff. Cranberry juice will acidify the urine if consumed in large enough quantities, and even small quantities may act well as a bladder infection preventative, since even a small amount of acid in the urine may ward off an initial infection. However, you'd need to consume a lot of cranberry juice-which means a lot of calories-for the stuff to be effective. Meanwhile, gallons of water can be just as effective at flushing out all that unwanted and quickly multiplying bacteria, and you won't have to run to the store to get it or worry about calories. Drinking lots and lots of water is probably the best thing you can do to help get rid of a bladder infection, especially if you catch it early.

Take Vitamin C
A mega-dose of vitamin C-about 1,000 milligrams-combined with your increased water intake will acidify your urine, combating the infection. Make sure you check with your doctor before you do this if you have some medical condition that might be adversely affected by lots and lots of vitamin C.

Call For a Prescription
Most doctors are pretty compassionate when it comes to bladder infections, realizing that they come on fast and can hurt like the dickens. Call your doctor-even if your infection sets in at midnight-and see if he won't call in a prescription for bladder infection medication. He'll probably prescribe an antibiotic. Have someone pick it up for you at a 24-hour pharmacy and get on the antibiotic as soon as possible. The relief may come as soon as 24 hours later. You won't want to delay that relief, especially if you're feeling like you have to urinate every five minutes.

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Bladder infection, or urinary tract infection are usually caused by bacteria that enters the urethra and then migrates to the bladder. Symptoms of bladder infection include urinary pain, burning, and frequent urge to urinate.

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