Relieving Bladder Infection Pain


There are many treatments available for relieving bladder infection pain. Although, certain treatments include home remedies, it is important to realize that treating an infection and relieving the accompanying pain and symptoms may require medical intervention. Failure to diagnose and treat a serious bladder infection, may lead to permanent kidney damage. Most bladder infections, however, are not serious, and can be treated effectively with common treatments.

See Your Doctor
You need to see your doctor so he can evaluate your bladder infections symptoms. He will take a sample of your urine to test for which organism is causing your bladder infection. He will also check your urine for blood, sediment and clarity. Treatment of your bladder infection will depend upon your medical evaluation.

Take Antibiotics
Your doctor may prescribe antibiotics for your bladder infection. Once the infection is resolved, your pain will be relieved. Make sure you finish all your antibiotics, because if you do not, your infection may not completely resolve, and your symptoms may return.

Drink Plenty of Water and Cranberry Juice
Drinking water flushes bacteria from your urinary tract. The vitamin C in cranberry will discourage bacteria from adhering to the urinary tract walls. Limit caffeine and spicy foods because they both may irritate your urinary tract, and worsen your bladder infection pain. Fluids like water and cranberry juice will promote frequent urination that will relieve your bladder infection pain.

Take an Over the Counter Bladder Numbing Medication
Over the counter bladder numbing medications are effective in relieving bladder infection pain and burning. Check with your doctor before taking bladder numbing medications and make sure you drink lots of water with them. These medications may turn your urine a bright orange color, but this is temporary. It is important to note that over the counter bladder numbing medications are not antibiotics. You will still need to complete the entire course of your antibiotics to rid your body of the bladder infection.

Take an Anti Inflammatory Medication
When you have a bladder infection, your urethra may be inflamed. Over the counter anti inflammatory medication will decrease inflammation, and may relieve your pain. Ask your doctor if these medications are appropriate for your bladder infection, and never take them when you are taking medications to thin your blood. Taking anti inflammatories with blood thinners will intensify the effect and may cause your blood to become too thin.

Use a Heating Pad
Your bladder infection may be causing pelvic, abdominal, or back pain. Applying a heating pad to the painful area my help relieve bladder infection pain. Never apply the heating pad directly to your skin, and do not fall asleep with the heating pad on. Make sure to keep the heating pad set only on medium.

Follow-up with your Doctor
If you do not get relief from your bladder infection pain, call your doctor. He may need to repeat your urine test and prescribe different antibiotics.

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