Blood Pressure Home Maintenance

High blood pressure is a silent killer. Most people do not recognize the signs and symptoms until it's too late to reverse them. Even so, high blood pressure is a serious disease that needs prevention, monitoring and treatments at onset. There are prescription drugs, over-the-counter medications and natural remedies to counteract high blood pressure. Natural remedies are less expensive and readily available.

Eliminate fast food and junk food from your diet. Many of the preservatives in fast food are hydrogenated oils and saturated fats. This means if the grease looks like butter at room temperature on your hamburger, then it looks like that when it sits in your blood vessels. Your heart has to work harder to push blood through blood vessels crowded with grease. Your heart working harder is high blood pressure.

Eat foods rich in vitamins and minerals and drink beverages full of  electrolytes. It's not only matter what you eat but how you eat it. Don't fry your food in butter, margarine or lard. Saute foods at low temperature, boil them, steam them or bake them. Make foods in a slow cooker.

Apple cider vinegar and garlic have been touted by public consumers to lower high blood pressure. Beets are encouraged for their similar effects.

Water is life. Water oxygenates the blood, sending live blood cells and other components to the heart to aid it in pumping effectively and efficiently. Water makes the blood more fluid and easier to pump.

Electrolytes, such as potassium and sodium, promote water balance. Natural sodium can be found in saltwater fish and potassium is found in potatoes, bananas and other fruits and vegetables. Canned foods with salt as a preservative use too much to be necessary to any diet.

Calcium also aids in muscle contraction. Since the heart is a muscle, calcium helps the rhythm and force of the heart from not growing too strong.

Exercise is everyone's best friend, but not everyone likes exercising. With exercise, the heart is being trained to pump at an even level, to promote metabolism in the body. Muscles that exercise burn sugar and fat, that would otherwise be left to sit in the blood vessels, clogging them up.

Alcohol should not go near anything with a heartbeat, unless it's being used to sterilize a wound or procedure site. Grape juice is just as effective as wine in nourishing the heart. All the alcohol does is destroy brain cells, heart cells and increases calories in each alcoholic beverage, making the consumer fat, heart-clogged and with hypertension (high blood pressure).

Limiting salt intake is a must. If you shop in the grocery store, always shop along the walls and not in the aisle to adhere to a low-salt diet. Then, your groceries will contain fresh food not laden with salt and preservatives.

Blood pressure maintenance at home prevents large hospital bills!

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