How to Control High Blood Pressure

Learn how to control high blood pressure through lifestyle changes and you may be able to avoid taking medication to manage your hypertension.

You may already enjoy many foods that lower blood pressure naturally. Take, for example, the banana. Bananas are rich in potassium, a mineral that can lower high blood pressure.

You should also eat foods that are rich in calcium, such as low- or non-fat milk products.

Celery contains 3-N-butylphthalide, the only vegetable to do so. 3-N-butylphthalide may help lower blood pressure by helping the linings of the blood vessels relax.

Cayenne Pepper
Spice up your foods with cayenne pepper, which is thought to help promote blood circulation. In fact, you can try something more radical with cayenne pepper. Instead of just using this pepper as a spice, use it as a drink. Try drinking a teaspoon of cayenne pepper mixed glass of water daily. You might find this more palatable if you heat the water a little before you imbibe.

Vitamin P
Both grapefruit and lemon contain vitamin P. Vitamin P may help blood circulation and fight cholesterol as well as assist the absorption of vitamin C.

This brings us to more citrus fruits. Citrus fruits, including grapefruit and lemons, are loaded with vitamin C. Studies indicate that vitamin C may also have a role in lowering blood pressure.

Garlic may be able to chase away more than vampires. Unfortunately, you have to eat the garlic rather than put it over doorways or windows. Garlic is thought to help modify the rhythm of the heart and slow down the pulse rate. If you can't "stomach" eating raw cloves, you can take garlic in capsule form.

Stress Relief
Stress is contributor to high blood pressure. Of course, you should be integrating regular exercise into your life, which will help you with your stress levels as well as improve your cardiovascular health. However, you can also relieved stress by other means. Deep breathing exercises, yoga or meditation can help lower your blood pressure temporarily.

If you decide to take vitamin or mineral supplements, be smart and treat the supplements as if they are drugs, because, in essence, they are. Talk to your doctor to get input as to how much of a given supplement that you should take and to make sure that the supplement doesn't interact with any other medications that you may be taking.

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