Causes of Foot Cramps

Foot cramps are painful, sudden muscular knots that surprise people during the day or night. Foot cramps at night can wake you and make you wonder why they happened. If you suffer from foot cramping during the day or night, take a look at these common causes so you can eliminate them. By eliminating the causes, you may find the problem resolves itself.

Overworked Foot
A cramp in the foot can be the result of too much walking, dancing, running or exercise. If you have had a sudden increase in your activity level, you may have stressed your foot muscles, resulting in foot cramps.

Circulation Problem
Your feet need a constant supply of fresh blood. If you have been wearing constricting socks or shoes, foot cramping can be an alert that you need to pay attention to your foot's blood circulation.

Nutritional Imbalance
Deficiencies in calcium, potassium and magnesium in the diet can cause muscle cramps in the foot and legs. Be sure your diet and nutritional supplements are keeping you well balanced nutritionally.    

Pregnancy, hormone replacement, post-partum recovery and birth control pills can contribute to hormone changes that may trigger foot cramps. Muscle tissue is affected by hormone levels when they fluctuate. This may be temporary while your body adjusts, or you may need to take action to help your body balance.   

Alcohol, tobacco and environmental toxins are all contributing factors to imbalances in the body that can trigger foot cramps. Increase your health and wellness by avoiding toxicity in your body and bloodstream.

Drug Interactions or Sensitivities
If you are taking a prescription drug, it may have be making foot cramps more likely. Chemical changes in the bloodstream can result in cramps. Be sure to drink enough water, and check with your doctor about the side effects of the medicines you are taking.

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