How to Soothe an Earache

  Earaches can cause unbearable pain and sleepless nights: as often the pain is made worse by lying down. Here are many different things that you can try to relieve the pain and get some rest!

  Lay with the affected ear on top of a warm heating pad, the heat brings a soothing relief.

  Make a warm compress using a tube sock, the toe filled with warm cooked rice, and tied into a knot at the open end. Lie with the affected ear up and place the sock compress on it.

  Fill a tube sock (the toe of the sock) with table salt and tie it into a knot at the open end. Heat the sock in the microwave in 10 second intervals, checking after each cycle, until warm. Lie with the affected ear facing upwards and place the salt filled sock compress on the ear.

  Heat mineral or baby oil in a small saucepan on top of the stove until warm, NOT hot! Using an eyedropper, place 5-7 drops of the warm oil into the affected ear. A small plug made by tearing a small piece of cotton from a cotton ball can be placed in the ear to hold the oil in the ear. Make sure that the cotton is large enough to be seen and pulled from the ear!

  Placing peroxide in the ear using an eyedropper can help to ward off an infection and maybe even halt an existing one. This process can be repeated several times per day. The person being treated should be seated while this process is taking place as it usually causes vertigo. Try to keep the peroxide in the ear for 30-60 seconds. The excess peroxide can be drained out after treatment by tipping that side of the head towards the floor and then using a cotton swab on the external areas of the ear. 

  Mix boiled or sterile water with white vinegar into a 50/50 solution. When the mixture has cooled to body temperature, place 5-7 drops into the affected ear and try to keep the vinegar in the ear for 30-60 seconds. Again keep the person being treated sitting as the insertion of most any fluid into the ear usually causes vertigo. Vinegar has antibacterial, antibiotic, antifungal, and many other beneficial properties. This treatment can be repeated several times per day.

  Purchase one of the many over the counter earache relief drops and  follow the directions on the product label. 

  Give the affected person an appropriate oral pain relieving medication following the instructions on the product label.

  If an earache persists or is causing extreme pain, especially in a child, seek medical attention! This information is meant to soothe an earache not cure an infection!


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