How to Soothe an Earache

Earaches can be caused by the flu, sinus infections, tonsillitis, strep throat, and impacted cerumen. Pain can be mild to excruciating. It is best to seek medical attention to rule out inner or outer ear infection before treating any earache.

Ear wax or cerumen is essential to balancing the PH in the ear, disallowing fungi and excessive moisture. Unnecessary build up of earwax can encourage bacterial growth and create unwarranted moisture in the ear canal. The continuation of bacteria leads to infection in the outer canal as well as blocking the inner canal. Excessive fluid in the inner canal can lead to: vertigo, pain, ringing of the ear and hearing loss. If impacted, the cerumen should be removed by a medical professional. If not impacted but requiring removal, there are several home remedies that will do the job.

Using a bulb and warm water, flush the ear several times, collecting the refuse and water in a bowl below the chin. Utilizing the bulb, gently extract the remaining water from the canal. Dry the area thoroughly and apply a few drops of warm baby oil or olive oil into the canal to sooth the area. Releasing wax in this fashion should be done no more than once a week.

Peroxide is a wonderful product to reduce the amount of excessive wax in the ear canal. Laying the head flat, apply four to five drops of undiluted peroxide into the canal. A sensation of heat, popping or sizzling noise, or a bit of a sting may occur. Once the peroxide has settled into the canal, place a piece of cotton in the ear. This procedure may be repeated four times a day. Peroxide is a natural cleanser and antibacterial agent.

Soothing the aching ear naturally:
Four to five drops of warm olive oil or baby oil placed into the canal lubricates the irritated area and relieves pain. There is no known side effect to usage of oil in the ear and is recommended for sufferers at any age. Soothing the ear in this manner may be repeated up to four times a day.

Applying low heat to the painful area will calm the nerve endings and relieve tenderness from the ear and the lymph nodes in the neck. Lie on or hold a heating pad on a low temperature setting to the ear. This method may be repeated often with periods of at least twenty minutes respite in between.

If pain increases, does not subside after a day, hearing loss occurs, or vertigo appears or increases; seek medical attention.

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