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A metal taste in your mouth warns of a health issue, such as gingivitis, lead poisoning or a side effect of medication.
By Christy Birmingham
Hip pain is a common ailment, particularly as you age.
By Shelly Barclay
Bursitis, a common ailment brought on when the bursa swells, can resemble arthritis. Arthritis is generally considered more serious.
By Mary P Ivy
Learn about the many causes of acid reflux disease and how to treat your acid reflux symptoms.
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A tightness in the throat can be benign or life threatening.
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Are your ears itchy? Learn about the most common causes of itchy ear canals and the treatment options available.
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Sniff some pepper and you are apt to sneeze. Why does pepper make you sneeze?
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Systolic Blood Pressure is the most common form of high blood pressure especially for older individuals. This article is a informational guide to becoming more knowledgeable about preventing and treating systolic blood pressure.
By Reel Robinson
Cholestyramine is one of many drugs designed to help lower cholesterol. Before you take it, here are some frequently asked questions and their answers.
By Nancy Kennedy
By Stephanie Banfield
Why does your chest hurt when you breathe? Learn about the causes of chest pain that accompany breathing so you can determine when to seek medical attention.
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Why do your eyes hurt? Get all of the facts about common causes of eye pain and the symptoms that frequently present with the pain.
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Do you suffer from optic or ocular migraines? Get all of the facts about their symptoms and causes as well as treatment and prevention options.
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Green stool is often no cause for concern and is caused by what you are eating or ingesting.
By Shelly Barclay
By Stephanie Banfield
Problems in the bladder can be uncomfortable, but with prompt treatment they are rarely life threatening.
By Minnie Chatterfield
Acid reflux remedies can't cure this condition, but they can help make living with acid reflux much more tolerable.
By Jennifer Maughan
Your joints hurt as a symptom of a condition such as arthritis or celiac disease.
By Christy Birmingham
How long is strep throat contagious? This highly contagious infection can wreak havoc on your health, but you can prevent it from spreading to others while you recover.
By Aysha Schurman
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