Olive Oil Lice Treatment

Many people choose olive oil lice treatment over commercial lice shampoos because they feel it is gentler on their scalp and better for the environment. Some doctors question the effectiveness of this treatment, but other doctors swear by it. Until scientific studies are done evaluating the effectiveness of this treatment, it's something you may want to try with one eye still on the shelf of your local drugstore. In other words, make sure it really works for you. If you still have itching and find nits or lice after you use this hair lice treatment, you may want to try an over-the-counter lice removal shampoo.

Olive Oil Lice Treatment Shampoo Recipe
Ingredients You Will Need
¼ cup shampoo
¼ cup olive oil
1 teaspoon tea tree essential oil
1 teaspoon rosemary essential oil

Combine these four ingredients together and mix well. Liberally coat your hair in this shampoo mixture and make sure every bit of your hair is soaked in it. Cover you head with a shower cap or swim cap and let the shampoo sit in hair for half an hour.

You can buy essential oils at bath and body shops or online. Make sure you buy a high quality essential oil, not an oil scented to smell like tea tree or rosemary. If the tea tree oil or rosemary oil is too strong for you, you can use a little less of the essential oils suggested above; it should still be effective. The essential oils can be very irritating to the eyes, so make sure you keep this mixture far from your eyes. Even the scent can be irritating; you may wish to cover your head with a bathing cap after applying and to sit in front of a fan so the scent is blown behind you as you wait for the treatment to take effect.

You'll need to rinse your hair three or four times to remove the shampoo. Next, ask someone to comb through your hair using a metal, fine-toothed comb. Be sure that you are using one intended for lice removal, as it will scrape every single nit from every single strand of hair. It is essential with this treatment that you remove every single nit because the lice do not die, but rather become dormant with this treatment. You must remove all the nits and lice or you'll have a re-infestation in a matter of days or weeks.

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