Symptoms of Mono

Symptoms of mono include fatigue, low-grade fever and overall achiness. Many sufferers of mono experience a lack of appetite. Because mono can last for several weeks, it's important to eat a healthy diet, even when you don't feel like it. Mono does a real number on your energy levels all by itself; if you aren't taking in proper nutrition, you'll get a double whammy. Keep up on the fruits and veggies, take in some protein every day, add some high-fiber carbs and make sure you are getting plenty of fluids.

Chills can often accompany mono, partly because of the low-grade fever, and these chills can make you uncomfortable. One minute you're warm, the next you're freezing. In addition to taking acetaminophen for the fever, the best way to deal with chills is to dress for those times when you're feeling warm and keep a blanket, sweater, socks and other "warmer-uppers" for when the chills grab hold of you.

One of the more intense symptoms of mono that can set in after the first few days is a pretty severe sore throat along with swollen glands. Treat the sore throat with the standards- OTC syrups, hot tea and lemon, popsicles and other home remedies. Acetaminophen will also help that sore throat.

Most importantly, if you suspect you have mono, make sure you see your doctor. You want to be certain you get a proper diagnosis and that your doctor keeps an eye on your more severe symptoms. Mono can cause a swollen spleen and even an enlarged liver, so doctor's care is very important.

What are the symptoms of mono? It's a question pediatricians and family doctors hear often. Mono is a viral infection, commonly known as "the kissing disease" because typical mono causes come from the spread of saliva and mucus from the nose and mouth. Because it's a virus, it can spread rapidly if precautions aren't taken, so many people find themselves trying to do all they can to prevent the virus.

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How do you prevent mono? While you can't do anything to speed along mono recovery, there are steps you can take to prevent contracting the virus.

Find articles about mono, including how long does mono last, treatment for mono, how do you prevent mono and symptoms of mono.

Find articles about mono, including how long does mono last, treatment for mono, how do you prevent mono and symptoms of mono.

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