How Long Does Vertigo Last

How long does vertigo last? It really depends on the individual and the cause of the vertigo. Vertigo can last a few seconds in minor cases and can be a constant problem in severe cases. Usually, vertigo tends to come and go. If you have constant vertigo you need to see a doctor immediately.

What Is Vertigo?
Vertigo is a sudden feeling of dizziness, where it seems like the room and objects are moving when they aren't. The condition is often described as feeling as if the world is spinning around you. Vertigo is a symptom of a bigger problem rather than a disease in itself. 

What Are the Causes of Vertigo?
Vertigo can have many different causes. Light and temporary vertigo can be induced by ingesting too much alcohol or as a reaction to certain medications. Migraine headaches can cause temporary vertigo. An injury to the head or ear can also cause minor or major vertigo. Extremely illness, such as a bad cold, might cause vertigo.

Benign paroxysmal positional vertigo is a common cause of vertigo symptoms. This condition occurs when the workings of the inner ear, mostly the area called the labyrinth, are damaged or irritated. This damage or irritation can send false signals to the brain about your head position. These false signals can then put you off-balance, causing vertigo. Benign paroxysmal positional vertigo tends to go away by itself.

What Vertigo Treatments Are Available?
Treatments for vertigo depend entirely on the cause of the problem. In general cases, your doctor may be able to prescribe a medication to help reduce dizziness, or to help reduce nausea induced by the dizziness.

Vertigo caused by alcohol or medication can be treated by simply stopping ingestion and letting the chemicals vanish from your body. Vertigo due to a migraine cannot be directly treated, but it can be remedied by treating the migraine.

Proper treatment for vertigo caused by benign paroxysmal positional vertigo, also known as BPPV, can vary according to the cause for the problem. BPPV can be treated by doing certain head exercises for minor cases and may require surgery for major cases. 

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