Commonly Used Acupuncture Points On the Body

In earlier times, the number of acupuncture body points used by Chinese doctors was limited to 365, the same as the number of days in the year. Today, many more acupuncture pressure points have been discovered. However, most of the acupuncture points on the body are still limited to the 14 primary meridian lines, 12 of which correspond to inner organs, and two of which correspond to the spine and the midline of the abdomen. 

These acupuncture body points are chosen along meridians to open up blocked life energy forces (chi) throughout the body, stimulating healing and the balance of energy in the body.  By placing needles along the acupuncture meridians, energy can be redirected, resulting in reduction of pain, relief from cravings, improved immunity and natural healing of the body.

Commonly Used Acupuncture Body Points:

Hegu Point
This acupuncture point is found on the back side of your hand between your thumb and first finger.  This point is often used to treat pain or problems related to elimination.

Lieque Point
This pressure point is positioned above your wrist on the inside of your arm. By treating this point, many upper body ailments such as asthma, neck stiffness and sore throats are treated.

Zusanli Point
This pressure point is found on the front side of your leg under your knee. It is used to treat digestive problems as well as exhaustion, immune deficiencies and anemia.

Sanyinjiao Point
This point is found above your ankle on the inside of your leg. This point is used to treat hormonally-related ailments such as impotence and menstrual irregularities.

Fengchi Point
This point is found at the base of your skull where it meets with your spine. This point is used for the treatment of the common cold, the flu, headaches, neck pain and high blood pressure.

Taichong Point
This point is found at the top of your foot, between your first toe and your second toe. It is treated to bring emotions into balance, to regulate menstruation, to reduce blood pressure and to treat chest pain.

Shenmen Point
This point is found on the outer side of your wrist and is used to treat mental illness, heart disease and exhaustion.

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