Laser Acupuncture Treatments

Laser acupuncture treatments are the latest approach to the many types of acupuncture. It was only a matter of time before the light therapy and technology of lasers brought acupuncture and laser use together. The results of this process have been lauded as formidable.

All forms of acupuncture stimulate specific points on the body as an effort to redirect chi (life energy) flow through the meridians of the body. The premise behind acupuncture is that the stimulation of these points will open up the channels of the body, encouraging the proper flow of energy, thereby stimulating the body's innate ability to heal itself and to remain healthy. This stimulation has long been provided by tiny, thin needles, cupping, moxibustion and, now, through intense, low-level light lasers. These lasers stimulate the same points with light that a needle would. Needles are still used in laser therapy, but they are only placed on the stimulation points, not inserted into the skin.

Laser acupuncture is used to treat the same kind of ailments traditional acupuncture treats. Laser has become especially popular in treating carpal tunnel syndrome, stroke patients who have experienced paralysis of the face, and to turn breech babies in the womb before delivery. It is also popular for those trying to lose weight or stop smoking.

Most of the treatments are completely painless, although some involving a red beam laser may be somewhat uncomfortable. Some acupuncturists will sell you a home laser therapy kit you can use on yourself, but most acupuncturists do not believe this is healthy or effective. There are several different kinds of lasers and levels of light intensity used for laser acupuncture treatments.  Determining the laser strength and stimulation points is very challenging and requires quite a bit of schooling and training. It's best to go to a certified acupuncturist with a good reputation for laser acupuncture treatments instead of trying it yourself. 

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