Back Pain Relief Remedies

Chiropractic remedies may offer you the back pain relief you need. Here are ten treatments you might experience in the chiropractic office.

Chiropractic adjustment
Also known as spinal manipulation, this usually painless technique is probably what you think of when you hear about chiropractors. The chiropractor will use his or her hands to work on the joints of the body, usually surrounding the spine. By applying pressure and quick precise movements, your doctor can manipulate the spinal bones to return them to a position and motion that is normal for you.

Shoe inserts
Believe it or not, sometimes the solution to back pain can be as simple as balancing your body or stabilizing the pelvis in the correct alignment. And you can do that with heel lifts or corrective arch supports.

Strength training
Chiropractors often develop specified strength programs. Improving strength, stability and range of motion can decrease pain and help injuries. Also, sometimes a simple muscle imbalance can be what's causing your pain.

It's important to maintain joint and muscle mobility and flexibility as you get older or after you're recovering from an injury. Often your chiropractor will give you several stretches to accompany treatment.

Nutritional counseling
Diet might not be the first thing you think of when looking for back pain relief, but poor diet and excess weight is often the root of many health problems.

Hot & Cold therapy
As with any painful injury, ice and heat can help to decrease swelling, improve circulation and relax muscles.

A common treatment in physical therapists offices, chiropractors use this procedure, too. The sound waves provide a deep heat penetration that can reduce stiffness and spasms in joints and soft tissues, ultimately increase blood flow to the area and helping the healing process.

Rolling massage
A system of rollers works up and down the spine to relax and massage back muscles. This traction-massage is used to warm up the muscles before spinal adjustments and to relieve disc compressions.

Massage therapy
Traditional massages can boost circulation and offer pain relief-your chiropractor knows exactly where you need it most.

Lifestyle changes
If your lifestyle isn't a picture of good health, don't be surprised if your chiropractor butts in with some advice. Everything from poor posture to binge drinking can have an affect on spinal health.

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