Sciatic Nerve Treatment

Sciatic nerve treatment can be done in the comfort of your own home, and is rather vital to anyone suffering from sciatic nerve pain. A sciatic nerve is when a disk in your spine slips from its space and pushes against a nerve. This pushing can lead to pain and numbness in the lower back and legs.

The pain from a sciatic nerve can be anywhere from mild to severe and everything between. If you suspect you suffering from the problem and need sciatic nerve treatment, you need to see a doctor immediately. Only your doctor can properly diagnose and treat a sciatic nerve.

Medical Treatment
In a worst case scenario, the only sciatic nerve pain treatment available may be back surgery. Your doctor may recommend, or prescribe, anti-inflammatory pain medication to help ease the swelling and pain associated with a sciatic nerve.

If you're having sciatic nerve problems, you may want to seek the help of a chiropractor or masseuse. Either method can help ease tension in the surrounding muscles, allowing the disk to slip back into place by itself.

Home Treatment
There are several ways a sciatic nerve can be treated, or at least relaxed, at home. It's important to maintain proper posture, whatever sciatic treatment you use. Proper posture helps straighten the back and reduce the pressure on the nerve, alleviating pain.

If you need to numb the pain of a sciatic nerve, try a cold compress. The ice will chill the area, temporarily numbing it and reducing pain. Do not apply the ice directly to the skin, place it in a plastic bag first. Wrap a towel around the bag and then place it in the area needed.

Anything you can do to relax the back muscles will help ease the pain of a sciatic nerve. Stretching out daily can help relax the muscles and ease tension. Soaking in a hot bath can also help with relaxation. Moist heat, such as a damp rag and heating pad, helps relax the muscles while you're watching TV or reading. 

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