Symptoms of Subluxation of the Spine

Your chiropractor may have mentioned subluxation of the spine, leaving you to wonder what kind of terrible thing you've done to yourself. A subluxation of the spine is a condition where one or more of your bones in your spine have moved out of proper position, aggravating the nerves that come out from between the bones. The result is discomfort and irritation.

Spine injuries like subluxation should not require spine surgery. But how serious is a subluxation? The effects can vary, depending on how much the bones have moved out of place and what kind of pressure is being placed on the nerves involved. Sometimes degeneration of the spinal bones is involved, which can be quite serious, but sometimes it is simply a case where a vertebrae is slightly out of position or is not moving properly.

You also have to consider how much pressure is being exerted on the nerve. If a nerve is being pinched, you can experience a great deal of discomfort and possibly numbness of limited functionality of a muscle group. Pressure on the nerve may result in discomfort in the muscles, since the muscles support the vertebrae and the nerves. A domino effect can leave you with sore soft tissue near those muscles and nerves, plus a change in the chemical reactions happening inside your body as a result of the changes. All of this can lead to your chiropractor suggesting an adjustment to relieve the pressure on the pinched nerve.

A spinal adjustment will involve physical manipulation of the bones in your spine. The adjustment should not hurt, though sometimes any touch in the affected area will be painful due to inflammation and increased sensitivity.

You can prevent subluxation of the spine by maintaining proper posture while walking, sitting and standing. Remember to use caution when lifting heavy objects and to always proceed with care when trying a new sport or activity.

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