Popular Types of Complementary Medicine

Of the many types of complementary medicine available, there are a few that stand out as particularly recommended. Most Western doctors discourage patients from particular types of alternative treatments, but there are several types of treatments Western doctors embrace as complementary alternative medicine, meaning medical practices that work well in conjunction with Western medical plans. By combining conventional Western medicine with alternative treatments, you open yourself up to a more holistic medicine approach, where all aspects of your health are considered. Just make sure to communicate with all health care professionals so you do not take contradicting or conflicting treatments.

The following list details the most popular types of complementary alternative medicine suggested by Western doctors:

More and more conventional Western doctors are recognizing the value of acupuncture for pain management, reduction of nausea and support in overcoming addictions. You may find that your primary doctor recommends you see an acupuncturist to help you manage side effects of drugs while undergoing chemotherapy or recovering from surgery. Many rehabilitation facilities use acupuncturists to help addicts control cravings. People with chronic pain often find acupuncture to be as helpful as pain medication, reducing the need to depend on prescription pain killers.

Massage Therapy
Massage therapy and therapeutic touch therapy is recognized by physical therapists, mental health professionals and conventional Western doctors to help lower blood pressure, relieve stress, improve emotional health, and to hasten recovery from injury.

Studies show that yoga and meditation can lower blood pressure, lower heart rate, and reduce cortisol levels in the bloodstream (a hormone released by your body when dealing with excessive stress). Many conventional doctors suggest yoga and meditation as a first line defense against depression, borderline high blood pressure, and high levels of stress.

Many conventional doctors feel comfortable sending their clients to a chiropractor for help with back and neck pain. While they may still insist you need surgery or the use of steroids to alleviate pain, you may find a chiropractor can help reduce pain or discomfort.

Naturopathic Dietary Suggestions
Naturopaths typically prescribe overarching dietary changes that may identify allergies or food sensitivities. They also can help you determine if you are nutritionally deficient or would benefit from supplements that may help your body naturally fight disease or ailments.

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