Are Chi Machines Healing or Hype

Over the past two decades, a host of energy healing chi machines have appeared on the market. You may wonder what these machines are and why anyone buys them. Reports on results vary considerably, making this a blurry subject.

Proponents of energy healing machines show patients recovering with amazing speed from surgery, cancer treatments, illness and injuries. Claims of improved health, decreased stress and better blood pressure and heart function follow these machines. However, there are an equal number of people who will tell you these machines do nothing for you but bleed your purse.

What are Chi Machines?
Chi machines are usually TENS (Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation) machines. TENS machines use low voltage electrical charges to stimulate muscles and pressure points through rubber electrodes covered with a gel that works to conduct the electricity to the intended spots. These machines work much like an acupuncturist does, only the rubber electrodes are used instead of needles.

These machines are found in physical therapy centers throughout the Western world, only they are not referred to as energy healing machines when your physical therapist uses them. Some of these machines also use magnets to create a magnetic electrical charge for stimulating the pressure points. 

How Do They Work?
The premise behind energy healing therapy is the idea that there are meridians running throughout your body and along which your natural life energy-called Chi or Ki by Asian energy healers-flows. If this energy flow becomes blocked or redirected, poor health results. The machines restore proper energy flow throughout your body by stimulating certain points on the body. This can result in better health as the body is encouraged to heal itself simply through the restoration of the proper flow of energy.

Do Energy Healing Machines Really Work?
Only you can tell. Experts on both sides of the medical fence will say yes or no to that question, so you'll have to try one out to know if it works. Those who believe in its ability to heal the body are avid fans, but you'll have to evaluate their testimony yourself.

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