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Chios healing is a form of holistic healing developed by Steve Barrett, who borrows the term "chios" from the ancient language of the citizens of Bactria. Barrett asserts he learned the healing medicine techniques he uses in Chios healing in a past life in Bactria-sometime between 600 B.C. and 600 A.D. The word "chios" literally translates to "life force," which Barrett believes is present in every one of us and is responsible for our emotional, spiritual and physical well being.

Chios energy healing is based on the idea that there is an electromagnetic field that surrounds every person, known in some circles as the aura. According to Chios healers, the aura is comprised of many colors and changes according to how you are doing emotionally, physically or spiritually. This energy field is also linked to the energy channels running inside the body, from and through the chakras, or energy centers located along the spine up to the crown of the head. These energy fields must remain unblocked and free flowing for a person to have optimal health.

Chios healers diagnosis your energetic needs by assessing the condition of your aura, reading the colors of the aura much like a Chinese doctor might assess the condition of your tongue or a Western doctor might read your heart rate or measure your weight. If your aura is clear and strong, the person is healthy, but when the aura appears weak, unbalanced or otherwise compromised, the healer knows healing work is needed.

The Chios healer will conduct energy from the universe into you during a healing session. This energy is directed into your body at specific pressure points, awakening the chakras and clearing blockages in the body. Specific meditations are also taught to enhance the psychic awareness needed for the healing to be complete. After a Chios healing session, you should experience deep relaxation, rapid detoxification of waste products in your body, improved healing of any physical or emotional ailments, increased energy and more stable emotions.

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