The Four Levels of Theta Healing

Theta healing is a form of energy healing developed in the 1990s by physician and naturopath Vianna Stibal. Theta healing purports to promote physical, spiritual and emotional healing; this process involves changing your brainwaves to theta waves and connecting with God or the Creator of all That Is.

Theta healing techniques
There are five types of brain waves: beta, apha, theta, delta and gamma. Brainwaves are all measured in Hertz, or Hz. Hertz represents the number of cycles per second. Beta brain waves, at 13-40 Hz, occur when we are awake and experiencing a typical day. Theta brain waves are slower than beta waves, measuring 4-7 Hz and occur during REM sleep, when your eyes are moving rapidly and you experience dreams. If you can put yourself into a conscious theta state, proponents say, you can work with your subconscious brain to both make changes in your life and connect with the Creator.

Before each session, you and your theta practitioner will discuss what issue or problem you would like to address. Your theta practitioner will go into a deep meditative or theta state and work with your energy systems to examine your body and start to work the healing process. You will also be taken into a meditative state as part of that process.

Theta healing takes place on four levels: core beliefs, genetic beliefs, history beliefs and soul level. Core beliefs are mental and consist of concepts you learned as a child. Genetic beliefs are held in your morphogenic field and DNA and consist of knowledge passed forward from ancestors who lived during the last three or four generations. Morphogenic fields are similar to electromagnetic fields, but carry information or knowledge rather than energy. Historical beliefs are a combination of experience from your past lives and the history of your race. Your soul defines who you are and continues to change over the course of your life. In addition, situations that create emotions that affect your soul can also affect your physical body, such as anger or sorrow.

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