Polarity Therapy Guide

Polarity therapy is a form of alternative healing that relies on the concept that proper energy flow is essential for optimal health. Based on a combination of chiropractic, osteopathy and Ayurvedic medicine, Polarity seeks to assist the body, mind and spirit in healing itself through the manipulation of energy patterns. The therapy acts on the idea that your body has a Human Energy Field, which is a complex network of electromagnetic patterns that affect you on all levels.

The Polarity Therapy movement was founded by Dr. Randolph Stone. Dr. Stone investigated the relationships between the Human Energy Field and touch, diet, trauma and other environmental influences. He came up with the idea of light touch energy work as a way to keep the energy flow in balance.

Polarity Therapy asserts that energy flows through your body on predetermined meridians. These channels flow north to south, east to west or in circular patterns, and each of these channels may be open and flowing properly, or they may be blocked and need to be opened. These energy currents are related to the five chakras, or energy centers, as the energy flows extend from and around these areas.

Interrupted energy flow can result in all kinds of health issues, according to Polarity Therapy theory. Many people seek Polarity Therapy for relief from anxiety issues, depression, chronic pain, high blood pressure and breathing issues.

A typical Polarity session will only take about 60-90 minutes. In the session, you will remain clothed and lie on a comfortable mat or table.  The therapist will assess your needs from verbal cues you give and also through intuition. You will experience light touching, rocking and pressure on certain energy points. You will feel slight energetic movements in the form of tingling or warming as the energy flow is redirected through your body. You may leave the session feeling relaxed or energized, depending on the work done.

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