Dharma Reiki Medicine

Dharma Reiki Medicine is an energy healing method which originated with the Buddhist religion. The practice can be traced to Sakyamuni Buddha, around 563 to 480 B.C.E.  This alternative healing modality uses a hands-on approach, rather than distance healing.

Sakyamuni Buddha passed his knowledge to the physician Ratnagarbha, who later passed the teachins to his son Ramamerti. The Dharma Reiki Medicine beliefs have passed through Reiki masters from India to Nepal, Bhutan, Tibet, China, and Japan, where a small number of Japanese physicians in monasteries practiced this healing technique. Dr. Makao Usui passed his writings and texts to his principal student, Dr. Watanabe Kioshi Itami. The doctor put these documents in a monastery near Tokyo. Today's Western teaching is derived from Dr. Usui's notes and experiences of its current primary teacher, Lama Yeshe, or Richard Blackwell.

Traditional Usui Reiki, the most familiar type of Reiki, was developed by Dr. Usui for non-Buddhist students. Medicine Dharma Reiki is intended for Buddhist practitioners and it incorporates Buddhist teachings in every level.

Unique features of Medicine Dharma Reiki:

  • There are three levels: 1, 2 and Master Practitioner/Master Teacher. Usui Reiki uses the same level system, but is taught quite differently in approach.
  • Students learn in a series of seminars including healing techniques, healing gestures, secret mantras and symbols, preparation of healing elixirs, accumulation and the mind's healing power.
  • Healing is done by techniques including perception, removal of karma, personal purification, nature spirits and others.
  • This Buddhist healing method is based on the "Tantra of the Lightning Flash" and requires that you be a Buddhist to learn.
  • The policy of Medicine Dharma Reiki is that there is no right or wrong Reiki, but one must choose their path to discover the Reiki that is meant for him or her.
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Reiki healing taps into the power of relaxation and redirection of the flow of life energy force through the body's meridians, triggering natural healing powers inherent in the body.

To become a reiki energy practitioner or a master, you will need to follow the reiki attunement process. You cannot conduct a reiki education or study reiki by reading about it or hearing about it. It is something you need to undergo and experience for you to learn how to perform it on yourself and on others.

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If you've ever experienced the energizing, balancing and relaxing effects of reiki therapy you may be wondering about going through training to become a pracitioner yourself. 

Jikiden (or "handed down") Reiki is as close to the original Usui teachings as other variations on the traditional practice.

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