Dragon Reiki

Dragon Reiki was developed in China by practitioners of Japanese-based Reiki. These Reiki practitioners incorporated the essence of the dragon: deep healing and a strong connection with nature, with Reiki practice. Dragons are a part of Chinese culture, whereby the properties of the dragon are incorporated into their spiritual beliefs.

The philosophy behind Dragon Reiki is that healing begins within the individual, on a spiritual level, before it continues to the physical. Therefore, the clearing and healing of the spirit through Dragon Reiki is the focus. Physical healing soon follows, as the body can heal when the spirit is well.

Reiki is a form of energy healing, designed to promote relaxation and enhance balance throughout the entire person: physical, emotional and spiritual. During a Reiki session, the practitioner channels Ki, or life force energy, to the recipient. This is done through either a light touch or over any distance. The guided energy is not limited by space or time. The recipient of a Reiki treatment may feel heat, cold, tingles, a magnetic sensation or a sensation outside the ordinary.

Unique Features of Dragon Reiki:

  • Many Dragon Reiki practitioners refer to a picture of a dragon to help them focus their intent on channeling the spiritual essence of the dragon properties to the recipient. This essence includes love and energy channeled directly and with strong intent to the recipient's spiritual source.
  • The recipient, as well as the Dragon Reiki Master, must be completely open and focused on accepting the love and healing that the higher spirit has to offer. This is different from traditional Usui Reiki, when both should be simply open channels, without strong intention or focus.
  • There are two attunements to get to Master level for Dragon Reiki. The attunements may be done in person or through distance with equal effectiveness.
  • Another quality of the dragon incorporated into Dragon Reiki is that of protector and strength. As the dragon fights against evil and darkness, he protects the people as well. This energy is meant to clear the spirit of negative energies and bring powerful healing to the spirit, along with protection.
  • There is a different form of Dragon Reiki developed by Victor Glanckopf, which includes secret rites, a dragon symbol and a healing ray technique in three attunements.
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Reiki healing taps into the power of relaxation and redirection of the flow of life energy force through the body's meridians, triggering natural healing powers inherent in the body.

To become a reiki energy practitioner or a master, you will need to follow the reiki attunement process. You cannot conduct a reiki education or study reiki by reading about it or hearing about it. It is something you need to undergo and experience for you to learn how to perform it on yourself and on others.

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If you've ever experienced the energizing, balancing and relaxing effects of reiki therapy you may be wondering about going through training to become a pracitioner yourself. 

Jikiden (or "handed down") Reiki is as close to the original Usui teachings as other variations on the traditional practice.

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