Gentle Bee Sting Remedy

Stung by a bee? Knowing a good bee sting remedy can help alleviate your discomfort.

Treat That Sting
Basic bee string treatment is pretty easy. First, remove the stinger, whether with tweezers or your fingernail. The goal when removing the stinger is to keep the venom sac on the stinger as intact as possible. You don't want more venom aggravating your injury.

Next, wash the area where you were stung with soap and water. Put an ice pack on the area to help reduce swelling. You can also apply a hydrocortisone cream, slather on calamine lotion or take-an-over the counter antihistamine to work on that itching and welling. Be sure not to scratch at the skin, as it is already irritated enough!

Home Remedy Options
There are also some home remedies that you might want to try. While there is no scientific evidence to support claims that these treatments work, you still might find some relief using them. If you have aloe vera gel or an aloe vera plant, apply the aloe to the area at which you were stung. Another option is to leave a paste of baking powder and water where you were stung for a few minutes. Other options include applying a slice of onion or a wet aspirin over the sting.

Some people are allergic to bee stings, with reactions that range in severity from mild to life-threatening allergic. In addition, if you are allergic, your reaction to a bee sting might be more severe if you get stung again. 

If your swelling, itching and redness don't go away within a few days, you might want to go see your doctor. If you have a major reaction to a bee sting, call 911 for emergency help immediately. You will need treatment right away if your throat starts to swell, you become lightheaded or you have trouble breathing.

Bees are an important part of the ecosystem. Believe it or not, about one third of all of the foods that you consume are somehow reliant upon bees for existence. When you think of it that way, it makes an occasional sting feel well worth the discomfort.

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