How Long Do Chigger Bites Last

How long do chigger bites last? Though this is a seemingly simple question, it has a somewhat complicated answer. The actual bite of a chigger can last a few days. The symptoms of the bite usually heal in about one week.

A chigger is a tiny, red, juvenile mite. It tends to roam among vegetation and prefers moist environments. Anytime your body brushes against moist vegetation, you run the risk of receiving a chigger bite.

Anatomy of a Chigger Bite
When a chigger bites you, it doesn't just take a quick chomp and go away. The chigger uses its tiny feeding devices to pierce your skin. The saliva from the chigger makes your skin cells start to die. Over the next few days, the chigger feeds on this dead skin. Once it has its fill, the chigger removes the feeding devices from your skin and drops off.

Once a chigger has fed on your skin for a few days and dropped off, your skin will still feel irritated. The remaining saliva from the mite will harmlessly dissolve into your system, but it will take a few days. During this time your skin will itch and look a little irritated. The bite should be almost completely healed about a week after the chigger has fallen off your skin.

Symptoms of a Chigger Bite
Instead of asking about how long a chigger bite lasts, you should really be inquiring about how long the symptoms of the bite last. It's the symptoms from the bite that are truly the problem. The saliva from a chigger bite makes your skin start to itch like crazy. The only real risk involved with a chigger bite is that you start scratching your skin so much that you tear it. If you do tear the skin from scratching, you run the risk of infection.

Chigger Bite Treatment
The only type of treatment a chigger bite needs is itch control. Chigger bites are notorious for itching like crazy. Regular lotions will not help. Your basic lotion helps alleviate itchy skin that is dry. Since your itching is not due to dry skin, you're going to need something much more powerful that just common lotion. It's important to use antihistamines, corticosteroid creams or other itch relieving products to help keep the itching under control. 

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