What Does a Spider Bite Look Like

What does a spider bite look like? If you've ever seen an insect bite, you have the general idea. People don't tend to notice a bite until after the attack, it can sometimes be difficult to tell the difference and know exactly what bit you, but a spider will leave its own distinct signature if you know what to look for.

What Does a Spider Bite Look Like?
A spider bite tends to appear as a single, irritated, red and slightly swollen bump on your skin. If you use a magnifying glass, you may be able to make out two tiny puncture marks left in the bump by the spider's fangs. However, sometimes these puncture marks are so tiny that they are not readily visible.

What Does a Spider Bite Feel Like?
A spider bite may sting during the actual bite, but the pain is usually so minor that it's easy not to notice. After the bite has occurred, the skin will begin to become irritated, often causing itching and possible stinging. You may also feel a slight numb or tingling sensation in the bite area.

How Can You Distinguish Between Spider Bites and Insect Bites?

  • Number of bites. Spiders tend to bite you once and run away, whereas insects tend to bite you repeatedly. If you have more than one bite in a localized area, chances are you were bitten by an insect and not a spider.
  • Punctures in bites. The number of puncture marks in the bite can help tell you if you were bitten by an insect or spider. If you notice two, tiny, identical puncture marks in the bite area, you may have been bitten by a spider. If there is only one puncture mark, you were bitten by an insect.
  • Shape of bites. The shape of your bite can help tell you if you were bitten by a spider or an insect. A very flat bite means you were bitten by an insect. A slightly raised or rounded bite can mean you were bitten by an insect or a spider. 
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