The Fastest Way to Heal a Cut

The fastest way to heal a cut is quite simple. Cuts don't heal quickly if they are not cleaned properly, if they are aggravated or if they become infected. Follow these simple steps and your wound will heal in no time.

Clean the Cut Thoroughly
When you discover a cut, you need to clean it completely, being sure to get all the dirt out of the wound. Use warm water and a very small amount of mild soap when cleaning a cut. While you may be tempted to use rubbing alcohol, hydrogen peroxide or another astringent on the cut, it's best not to do so because this will irritate the skin and actually slow healing. While it's true that these astringents kill germs, soapy water will do just as good a job without irritating the skin and causing so much pain. Don't rub soap directly into the cut; mix the soap and water separately, and then wash the cut with diluted soapy water. Rinse well.

Remove Embedded Gravel or Dirt
Use sterilized tweezers to pick out any embedded gravel and dirt in the cut. Rinse the cut with a gentle stream of water to get the last grains out. If you can't remove all the dirt or gravel, see a doctor for assistance.

Apply Antibiotic Ointment
Pat the cut dry after you've washed and rinsed it well. Don't rub the wound - pat it. Apply a thin layer of topical antibiotic ointment such as Neosporin, Bacitracin or a Triple Antibiotic ointment with an analgesic to reduce pain.

Bandage the Cut
Cover the cut with a clean bandage or Band Aid. You want to keep the cut moist and clean.

Change the Bandage and Ointment Regularly
Change the bandage and apply new ointment at least every morning and night. If the cut and bandage gets wet for any reason, discard the old bandage and apply new ointment and a new bandage. You will heal the wound best if you keep it moistened with ointment and free from germs.

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