How Long Does it Take a Cut to Heal

How long does it take a cut to heal? While different cuts vary in healing time, most cuts heal within a week or so. However, there are several factors to consider when estimating the expected healing time of a cut. The following factors affect healing time:

  • The Size of the Cut: Naturally, smaller cuts heal faster than larger cuts. The wider or deeper the cut, the longer the cut will take to heal.
  • The Nature of the Cut: If the cut is more of a puncture or a scrape than a gash, it will heal faster. Deep, wide cuts-especially those cuts that should have had stitches but perhaps did not receive proper medical treatment-will take much longer than shallow cuts or cuts that are deep but are smaller in circumference.
  • Infection: Infection will delay the healing of a cut, possibly making the cut wider and more serious. Use an antibiotic ointment to discourage infection and keep the cut clean at all times.
  • Age of the Person Cut: Healing slows as we age. Cuts on older persons will take longer to heal than cuts on younger people.
  • Circulation Issues: If you have circulation problems, you will notice that cuts heal much slower. Try improving circulation to the area with the cut by walking, exercising, massaging the area and trying yoga positions that increase circulation flow.
  • Health of the Person: Certain health issues will cause you to heal a wound more slowly. Diabetes and Cushings Disease are specifically known to slow healing of cuts.

Treatment of a Cut
If the cut is kept bandaged and coated in a healing ointment, it will heal more quickly. If the cut is exposed to the air or is submerged in water often, the cut will take longer to heal. Make sure you disturb the cut as little as possible, avoiding any picking or rupturing of the fragile scab.

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