What's the Quickest Way to Heal a Cut Naturally

What's the quickest way to heal a cut naturally? It's simpler than you might think. Cuts heal best when they are kept clean, moist and covered. After you've carefully cleaned your cut with mild soap and water, you'll want to follow one of these natural remedies for healing a wound quickly and neatly. Don't try all of them at once. You'll want to choose one topical treatment and supplement with internal treatments.

Apply Tea Tree Oil
You'll want to invest in high-grade tea tree essential oils for this kind of home remedy. Tea tree oil is a natural antiseptic. It fights infection while promoting healing. You can use this essential oil several times a day on a healing cut to speed up the process and protect the wound from infection. Use only tea tree oil with a high terpinen-4-ol content.

Apply Vitamin E Oil
Vitamin E has long been known to stimulate new cell growth and sooth injured skin cells. You can break open vitamin E capsules you buy at the health food store or you can purchase a vial of vitamin E oil just for application to a healing cut. Apply Vitamin E oil several times a day to prevent scarring and speed healing.

Apply Aloe Vera
Aloe vera, applied straight from the plant, can reduce inflammation and speed up development of new skin cells. Keep an aloe vera plant in a pot in your house. When you need to treat a cut or burn, break off a small segment of the succulent leaf. Split open the portion of the leaf and rub the aloe vera juice onto the cut. Repeat several times daily. If you buy aloe vera gel at the store, make sure it's pure aloe and is not a gel or ointment with trace amounts of aloe in it. You want the real stuff, full strength.

Apply a Salve Containing Comfrey and Gotu Kola
These two herbs aid in the healing of cuts. A nourishing salve made from shea butter or another comforting oil and these two herbs will help speed your healing process. Use several times a day.

Take the Following Supplements for Healthy Skin Regeneration
Take goldenseal, Echinacea and Vitamin A supplements once daily while your cut is healing. Goldenseal is known to support healthy skin, Echinacea is reputed to boost your immune system so you can better fight infection and Vitamin A is linked to strong immunity.

Eat and Drink Healthfully
Remember to eat plenty of fruit, vegetables and lean meats and drink water while your body is healing.

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