What Makes a Scab Heal Faster

What makes a scab heal faster? Can you speed up the healing time for a scab? If you've got an unsightly scab, you want it to disappear as quickly as possible. Follow these tips for healing scabs quickly and you'll find relief sooner rather than later.

Keep the Scab Clean
Gently wash the scab and surrounding area with mild soap and water. Rub as gently as possible if you need to in order to remove dirt; if no dirt is visible, simple rinse area with soapy water and clean water. Pat dry, trying not to rub at all.

Prevent or Clear Up Infection
Infections delay healing, so watch for signs of infection. If you see pus or red streaks shooting out from the scab or notice the area is excessively warm, see your doctor in case you need antibiotics. Use a triple antibiotic ointment to prevent infection. Apply the ointment three times a day.

Keep the Scab Moist
Scabs heal most quickly if they are kept slightly moist. Triple antibiotic ointment keeps most scabs just the right moisture level, accelerating healing. Another healing agent is Vitamin E oil. This oil keeps the scab moist and promotes rapid cell regeneration.

Keep the Scab Covered
Cover the scab with a Band Aid or bandage. Replace the bandage every time it gets wet or dirty, at least three times a day.

Leave the Scab Alone
Try not to scratch or rub the scab at all. If you disturb or remove the scab before it is ready to fall off naturally, you may experience bleeding and risk infection. Every time you remove the scab before it is ready, you extend your healing time.

Ignore Itching
If the scab itches, apply antibiotic ointment with a topical analgesic and resist the temptation to scratch.

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