Heavy Bag Cardio Workouts

The heavy bag is one of the most cost-efficient pieces of equipment.  Not to mention, the heavy bag is one piece of equipment that is great for cardio work in addition to its well-known use for strength training.  If you own or are thinking of owning a heavy bag, follow these tips for getting a great cardio workout from your heavy bag.


Punches and Kicks Used

Great aerobic work on the heavy bag is not just about punches.  Indeed, a variety of punches will add to the workout, yet what we are aiming at is a mix of different punching and kicking techniques.  That is, we are better off utilizing kickboxing, and not just boxing, techniques.


While it is outside of the scope of this article to explain all of these in detail, familiarize yourself with the following techniques: jab, cross, hook, and uppercut punches; and the front, side, roundhouse, and back (or turning) kicks.  Form is essential for these strikes.



Once you have familiarized with these techniques, it is important to be able to string together combos in order to develop an aerobic workout.


One of the most common combinations is the jab, cross, and hook.  From there, you can begin to experiment with two to four strike combinations.  Be sure to integrate kicks as well.  Additionally, you should switch all combinations so that you perform them in both ways (switching stances and doing the reverse with each side of your body.)


Number and Length

Once you have learned some combinations and have experimented with variations, you can begin to string together workouts on these.  For instance, perform a jab, hook, roundhouse combinations a certain number of times, and then switch sides.  Then you could build on this workout with other combinations, performing a few combinations on both sides for a great cardio workout.  Do not allow too much rest in between sets.


Regardless of how you base your workout, either on a certain number of combinations or strikes executed, or a length of time, add a high level of intensity for your abilities.  Keep track of your progress and build for further aerobic (and inherent strength) value to your conditioning.

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