Improving Cardio with HIIT Training


Improving your cardio performance in any respect is difficult.  Whether you want increased stamina, pure performance, or health benefits, workouts become stagnant and repetitive with the same treadmill or low-impact exercise.

HIIT stands for high-intensity interval training.  It has been scientifically proven to increase cardio/aerobic performance. 

How it Works

HIIT uses a cycle.  Whereas you want to start out with a four minute cycle, for illustration purposes a one minute cycle consists of thirty seconds of jogging and then thirty seconds of sprinting.  Then you repeat these until you are at four minutes, or whatever level you have reached.

After you have completed a cycle, you should have "maxed out" your aerobic ability.  Adjust accordingly if you are running too fast or too slow.  It is even helpful for you to keep track of your progress.

Try out HIIT training.  It can be done on a treadmill, although switching back and forth can be troublesome, which needs to be kept in mind.


Begin with a four minute HIIT cycle.  Again, this is jogging for thirty seconds, followed by sprinting for thirty seconds, repeated another three times.  Write down your speed if at all possible, using treadmill data or time/distance for where you are.

Trying to keep the same pace, add one minute to your workout after staying at the same level for two or three workouts.  Of course do not push yourself too much.  Injury may occur if this occurs. 

Over time you will be able to add a minute or two for each week or two of your program, as long as you remain consistent.  Many sources state that you can reach a fifteen minute cycle within a couple of months of dedicated training.  At any rate keep in mind your level of fitness and your fitness goals in order to successfully train with HIIT cycles. 


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