Types of Aerobic Exercise

There are many types of aerobic exercise. If you've decided to lose weight or improve your cardio-vascular health, aerobic exercise is the form of exercise you want to target. Aerobic exercise uses your large muscle groups, exercises your heart and lungs and is maintained over a period of time. If you are exercising aerobically, you will sweat, breathe harder than normal and will experience an increase in heart rate. All these things will make your burn more calories per minute, strengthen your heart and lungs and will help you lose weight.

To be healthy, you should aim to exercise aerobically for at least 30 minutes a day, 5 days a week. To avoid injury from repetitive motion, you should try to cross-train, which means to vary your type of aerobic exercise from day to day. There are so many types of aerobic exercise available that you should not have trouble finding ways to cross-train. For simplicity, this article will discuss two types of aerobic exercise: low-impact and high-impact aerobic exercise.

Low-Impact Aerobic Exercise
Low-impact aerobic exercise is exercise that still uses your large muscle groups, still raises your heart rate and makes you breath hard but is gentle on your joints because it does not involve pounding on the ground like running or jumping does. Examples of low-impact aerobic exercise are biking, swimming, low-impact aerobic dancing, water aerobics, aqua-running, arm-cycling, kayaking and rowing. All of these forms of exercise can raise your heart rate and use those large muscles groups without the pounding impact on your joints.

High-Impact Aerobic ExerciseHigh-impact aerobic exercise is exercise that uses those large muscle groups and raises your heart rate through running, jumping and other exercise movements in a way that both feet lose contact with the ground. It is easier to raise your heart rate level to elevated rates when you are participating in high-impact aerobics. The pounding of high-impact aerobics also helps build bone density, which is particularly important to women. Examples of high-impact aerobics are running, jumping rope, and playing most sports that involve running and jumping such as soccer, basketball, tennis, racquetball, baseball, softball and hockey.

It is advisable to mix both high and low-impact aerobic exercise in your workouts so you both build bone density and protect your joints.

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