Best Home Treadmills

Home treadmills are a big investment, and quality construction does matter or you won't use it. Why spend $600 for a piece of fitness equipment that sits in the corner collecting dust when you can spend more to get a model that feels right for your body? There are many things to consider before you purchase a home treadmill.

Home treadmills for running

If all you want to do is run on your treadmill, consider highly rated models designed specifically for that purpose. Quality cushioning costs more, but the models that have it put less stress impact on your ankles, legs, hips and back. All of the following models are priced around $1,500.

  • Nordic TrackR Commercial 1750 model is perfect for people who want to run or walk and multi-task at the same time. What adds to its price is its higher grade construction, built-in web browser and iFit LIVE so you can download new workouts directly from the Internet. QuadFlex Plus Cushioning lowers body impact by up to 30 percent over road running.
  • Sole F80 has strong and stable construction (similar to commercial grade) combined with a 3.0 HP ultra-high torque motor with a lifetime motor warranty for smooth running at home. An extended 60-inch running deck offers more room to move, and fun features like an iPod dock, built-in speakers and bright backlit display are reasons why this model rates well.
  • LivestrongR LSPro1 with RunnersSoft cushioning is designed to replicate a long running workout on an outdoor track. This model rivals commercial grade treadmills. LSPro1 has a heavy-duty, full-cast aluminum frame and a sturdy 3.0 HP motor. Interactive technology tracking allows you download new workout programs to reach your fitness goals.

Home treadmills for walking

Most owners of treadmills use theirs for walking and don't need the same heavy-duty construction as runners do on their machines. Lower prices for walking treadmills average around $1,000.

  • Nordic Track C900 packs value at a lower price tag. You still get a 3.0 HP commercial motor, long 60-inch belt, high 15 percent incline and an upgraded cushioning system to protect your body. It's easy to control speed and incline with quick-touch handle controls and an easy-to-read console window. Download new workouts to your home treadmill using the iFit LIVE feature.
  • Smooth 5.65 is this manufacturer's most affordable home treadmill that's not to be confused with "average starter" models. It is value packed with a generous warranty, 2.75 HP motor, iPod dock with speakers and heart rate monitor with a wireless chest strap. Side handrail speed/incline controls allow you to change your speed or incline without reaching up to the front console.
  • Livestrong LS10.0T is an upgraded version of its 9.9 treadmill. Features include 2.75 HP motor with a lifetime warranty, iPod dock and speakers and a plug-in USB device to record your workouts on your computer or download new workouts. Livestrong is known for its well-designed consoles that are simple to read and easy to navigate.

There's no point in making an investment in a home treadmill unless you plan to use it regularly. Always test a model before purchase to be sure that it runs smoothly for your gait and has the type of construction you need for the intensity of your workout.

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