Top Ten Benefits of Physical Fitness

If you're looking for motivation to work out, try posting these top ten benefits of physical fitness training on your fridge, next to your computer-anywhere you might typically look during lazy time. Fitness training does more than make you look buff; it can improve your life in more ways than you may know.

Healthier cardiovascular system
Fitness training, especially cardio exercise such as jogging, swimming, biking and cross-country skiing, will build a strong heart-lung-vascular system. By strengthening your cardio-vascular system, you combat the number one killer in America: heart disease.

Improved weight control
When you invest in fitness training, you invest in a better BMI and weight. Exercise burns calories and helps you control your weight more effectively.

Lower blood pressure and cholesterol
When you exercise, you are making an investment in lower blood pressure and lower cholesterol.

Better mood
Fitness training translates to a cheerier outlook. Just 30 minutes of speed-walking a day can act like a mild anti-depressant.

Toned muscles
Fitness training tones your muscles, and toned muscles are more appealing to look at than flabby muscles. You'll also find you can do more once you've invested in strength training, and we all feel better when we know we're stronger.

Higher metabolism
Muscles burn more calories than fat, so it's worth it to tone up those muscles and build up your muscle mass. This extra calorie burning is not limited to the duration of exercise. Muscles burn more calories even during rest periods, making your body a more efficient calorie-burning machine.

Higher self esteem
When you are stronger, healthier and more fit, you'll also feel better about yourself as a person, especially if you've seen an improvement in your physical appearance. Investment in fitness training is therefore an investment in your self-image.

Sleep more soundly
Physical exercise releases tension and allows your body to relax more fully, making it easier to fall asleep and stay asleep. When you are more rested, you enjoy life more and can make better choices.

Better sex
Fitness training leads to greater endurance, physical stamina and self-confidence, all of which pays off big time in the bedroom. Sex is a physical activity, so any improvement in your physical fitness will result in more finesse in bed.

Live longer
Fitness training acts as an anti-aging agent. Exercise combats the effects of stress, poor eating habits, illness and many serious health issues. In particular, exercise acts as a deterrent for heart disease, diabetes and cancer. When you choose to exercise, you are choosing to prolong your life expectancy.

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