Family Gym Memberships

Family gym memberships are becoming more and more popular as the gyms themselves become more family friendly; many families now look for ways to spend time together and still take care of health. There are many pros involved in family gym memberships and, thanks to policies many facilities have now, it is also possible to realize discounts when the whole family joins together.

Benefits of gym memberships: exercise
Study after study has shown that exercise is beneficial for both children and adults. Even short-term exercise has been shown to provide benefits for the heart, as well as other parts of the body. Including children in family gym memberships can be a good way to introduce them to the benefits of exercise. Here are some of the benefits that children can derive:

  • Build stronger bones
  • Improve muscle tone and flexibility
  • Develop strength and endurance
  • Help ward off childhood obesity
  • Reduce the chance that disease will develop later in life
  • et the tone for a healthier lifestyle as an adult
  • Help improve self-esteem and confidence

Family gym memberships encourage everyone to exercise together, and they can help children enjoy exercise, since they will experience it with their families. Additionally, paying gym membership fees is a good way to remind adults to actually go to the gym and reap the benefits of their regular expense. Many people are more likely to exercise when they are paying fees to a gym, as they feel as though they need to get a good value for their money.

Other benefits of gym memberships
In addition to encouraging exercise, there are other benefits associated with belonging to a gym. If the gym is family friendly, it is likely to have engaging activities for your children. Additionally, many gyms have swimming facilities. This can be a great way to take family recreation together. A family swim night is much less expensive when you can use your gym membership. Likewise, you can build family memories through games of basketball, tennis, handball and other sports that may be available at the gym.

Other advantages of family gym memberships include:

  • Top-of-the-line exercise equipment
  • Trainers who can help you exercise properly and provide sports instruction
  • Fewer distractions to keep you from exercising
  • Classes that provide variety and interest to your exercise program

Cons of family gym memberships
There are some drawbacks to a gym membership. One of the most common is the cost of gym membership fees. Even though many gyms offer a discount when you get a family pass, the cost can still be expensive. Unless you plan to use the gym a great deal, it may not be worth it to pay the gym membership fees. There are also some other potential drawbacks:

  • It can be inconvenient to go to the gym some days. Instead of exercising in your home, you have to get in the car, go to the gym and deal with the hassles that come with changing in a public room and messing with lockers.
  • You may have to make a long-term commitment. Most gym memberships require you to agree to a one or two year contract. If you decide to cancel your family membership, you may have to pay fees.
  • Young children may have to be taken to the day care. You want to make sure that the child care facilities are good so that you can have your children watched while you and the older kids work out.

You simply have to weigh the benefits of going to the gym against not belonging to one. Also, it can be a good idea to shop around for the best facilities and good prices. A gym close to home - or at least easy to get to - can be a consideration as well.

While there are other ways to get exercise and engage in physical activity, some people simply do better when they have an exercise program like those provided by a gym. A family gym experience can be a good way to motivate the whole family to reach those fitness goals.

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Before you commit to a gym membership, understand what's included with the gym membership cost, the contract terms and cancellation policy.

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