The Target Heart Rate for Weight Loss

Find your target heart rate for weight loss and you have another tool to help maximize your fitness and weight loss program. There are several ways that you can calculate your target heart rate for weight loss. Your decision as to which calculation that you want to use depends on how much information you already know about your pulse rate and how good you are at math.

For example, you only have to know how old you are to figure out the simplest equation to find out your optimal weight loss heart beat range. This formula has you subtracting your age from 220. This would be your maximum heart beat. You would multiply your maximum heart beat by 60 percent for the low end of your weight loss range. Then, you would multiply the maximum heart beat by 70 percent to get the high end of the range.

This is how it works. If you are 40 years old, you would subtract 40 from 220, with a result of 180. This is your maximum heart beat per minute. Then, multiply 180 by 60 percent, for 108, followed by 180 multiplied by 70 percent, for 126. This means that your optimal heart beat per minute should be in the 108 to 126 range in order to maximize your weight loss when exercising

However, this calculation doesn't cover men and women who are already in shape. The Harvard's Men's Health Watch proposes a revised equation for your maximum heart rate, 208 - (your age x 70 percent). Therefore, if you are 40, the calculations would be 208 - (40 x .7) or 208 - 28 = 180 for your maximum heart rate. You would then multiply 180 by 60 percent and 70 percent to get the appropriate heart rate range for your weight loss.

Another equation involves knowing your resting heart rate. The Karvonen Formula is the most complicated of the equations. Subtract your age from 200. Then, subtract your resting heart rate from that number. This gives you your maximum heart rate. Multiply your maximum heart rate by 60 percent and 70 percent to find your ideal exercise range for weight loss.

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