Home Workout Plans for Busy Moms

If you're a busy mom with kids at home, you probably find it challenging to get to the fitness club.  Fortunately there are solutions for busy mothers; try a few of these home workout plans and see if one of them works for you.

Invest in a running stroller or bike with infant carrier
Walk or bike whenever possible, and place your children in the stroller or child carrier. The extra weight will make the workout all the more efficient.

Use baby as a weight
You may want to commit to a series of calisthenics as part of your home workout plan. Because babies and toddlers want to be held so much, you can incorporate your child right into the workout. Walk up and down the stairs with your child on your back in a baby pack.  Hold baby in front of you as you do squats and lunges. Sit baby in front of you as you lie on your side and do leg lifts. Entertain a fussy baby by doing jumping jacks or running in place while talking to your little one. Ask your older children to follow you in a march around the house, with baby on your back or in your arms.

Invest in a DVD and baby swing
If you put your baby into the baby swing and position it in the same room where you're exercising, you can probably get some of your exercise accomplished while entertaining your child. If you have older children, encourage them to join in with you. Barricade off anything unsafe and provide other activities for the kids to do when they get bored. Look for a challenging exercise DVD that will give you a good workout in a short period of time.

Turn the playground into your workout gym
When you take your children to the playground, get a little exercise yourself. Play tag and run as fast as you can. When you push your baby on the swing, sink down into a true squat and work those glutes and hamstrings. Use the steps on the playground equipment to step up and down much like in step aerobics class. Do a few push-ups while the kids play with other children. Lift your child above your head and use him or her as a weight as you help your child reach equipment. With a little ingenuity, you can turn a time at the playground into a time at the gym for you.

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If you have the drive and the determination, at home workouts can be just as effective as working out at the gym. Setting goals and keeping a workout diary can help you stay motivated, but you're also cutting down on your electricity consumption by choosing to run outside or climb your own stairs.

The best home workout equipment is not necessary the most expensive. As you experiment with your home workouts, you will end up branching out into more equipment that suits your particular interests, but here's a good start.

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Everyone is trying to get healthier nowadays. And the most common way people are improving their health is by following an exercise regime. An exercise regime can help you maintain your ideal body weight, retain or improve muscle strength and mobility, control blood glucose levels, reduce bad cholesterol levels, raise good cholesterol levels, and actually improve your moods.

If you want to get fit, but don't want to join a gym or buy fancy equipment, here are three simple home fitness workouts that will blast calories without blasting through your budget.

If you think you need fancy equipment or membership to a gym to get a good workout, think again. There are very effective home workout routines with no equipment required that will tone your body and burn calories.

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