Home Spinning Routine

It's tough to motivate yourself when pedaling along on your home exercise bike like spinning instructor pushes you during top-notch spinning routine at the gym. Thanks to new technology, however, there are ways to bring a spinning workout home, which means you can enjoy the tough yet rewarding workout without leaving your house.

The beauty of home spinning workouts is how little exercise equipment you will need. You can enjoy your home spinning workout with as little as a stationary bike. If you're serious about spinning, though, you'll want to take a look at the latest spinning bikes on the market. Some have built in spinning workout programs that will challenge you as you ride. High-end models have excellent monitoring equipment, from heart monitors to timers to calorie calculators, so you'll know at the end of your workout how many miles you rode, how many calories you burned and the pace at which you moved through the workout.

You can also buy CDs and DVDs that will simulate a bike ride for you. While you will have adjust the resistance on your own bike, you can listen to the CD or watch the DVD and follow the lead of the spinning guide, just like you are in spinning class at the gym. Some of the CDs available will guide you on a bike ride through the countryside or by the ocean, complete with appropriate sound effects; others simply feature an instructor telling you what level of challenge to provide for yourself and helping you to stay motivated as you perform interval training on your bike.

One of the keys to spinning workout success is to make sure you vary the challenge level of the bike during your ride. Just like you would experience challenges while riding your bike outside, you want to simulate pace and incline shifts during your spinning workout.  

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If you have the drive and the determination, at home workouts can be just as effective as working out at the gym. Setting goals and keeping a workout diary can help you stay motivated, but you're also cutting down on your electricity consumption by choosing to run outside or climb your own stairs.

If you're a busy mom with kids at home, you probably find it challenging to get to the fitness club.  Fortunately there are solutions for busy mothers; try a few of these home workout plans and see if one of them works for you.

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The best home workout equipment is not necessary the most expensive. As you experiment with your home workouts, you will end up branching out into more equipment that suits your particular interests, but here's a good start.

Everyone is trying to get healthier nowadays. And the most common way people are improving their health is by following an exercise regime. An exercise regime can help you maintain your ideal body weight, retain or improve muscle strength and mobility, control blood glucose levels, reduce bad cholesterol levels, raise good cholesterol levels, and actually improve your moods.

If you want to get fit, but don't want to join a gym or buy fancy equipment, here are three simple home fitness workouts that will blast calories without blasting through your budget.

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