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If you're new to pilates but want to pursue this form of exercise in your home, you may wonder what pilates home equipment you will need. Pilates is a specific method of exercise comprised of a set routine of exercises and controlled breathing techniques designed to strengthen and tone your muscles while enhancing your breathing, flexibility and coordination.

Because it strengthens your core muscles and increases your flexibility, it is a great form of exercise for athletes and dancers since it can help prevent injury and improve basic stability, enabling you to focus on improving your skills without having to think so much about balance. With basic pilates exercise equipment, you can start your new exercise regime in no time.

Two indispensible pieces of pilates equipment are the mat and rings. The mat is a thick foam mat that supports your body and allows you to grip the ground so you will not slip while performing exercises. The rings enable you to increase resistance to your basic exercises while preventing injury.

In addition to the mat and rings, you may want to invest in a pilates chair. A pilates chair is a small stool that will support your body while you engage in specific exercises. The chair is inexpensive and easy to store, so it is the perfect prop to buy for your home practice.

Pilates balls, sometimes called stability balls, are helpful for certain positions. Other props include resistance bands, which can help you reach difficult positions without compromising your form.

Some people like to invest in a Reformer, or pilates machine, although many people go to a local fitness center to use one of these. A Reformer is a machine outfitted with straps and pulleys used to increase resistance, provide support and improve the range of the basic pilates exercises.

One last piece of equipment to consider is a pilates table. This is a large table that supports movements difficult to do on the mat alone.

Whether you decide to invest in all of the available equipment mentioned or if you decide to just buy a mat and ring, pilates is an excellent way to stretch and strengthen your body.

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